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A little one was birthed to a mother taking clonidine 0.15 milligrams daily while pregnant and postpartum. At 2 days of life, the little one presented with drowsiness, hypotonia, and presumed generalised seizures. At day 5, episodes of apnea were kept in mind. On day 9 postpartum, breastfeeding was stopped and all signs and symptoms dealt with within 24 hrs. [4] Clonidine was most likely the source of the response, however the loved one contributions of direct exposure during maternity and also breastfeeding can not be identified.

Clonidine has complex, dose-related actions on both oxytocin and prolactin secretion. The web result of the medication on nursing mothers has actually not been well researched. An instance of hyperprolactinemia as well as gynecomastia occurred in a 6-year-old kid taking clonidine for hyperactivity as well as valproic acid for a seizure problem. Galactorrhea ceased within 3 weeks of terminating clonidine. [4] A situation of clonidine-induced postpartum galactorrhea has actually additionally been stated.